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From the moment you enter, you have begun your unrestricted Indian journey. With all its exotic ingredients, unfamiliar dishes, and tongue-tingling flavors, our dishes can be both exciting and intimidating. Sweet and sensual aromas, elegant textures and smooth beats set the tone for the experience ahead. Dining at Drunk 'N' Monkey is about more than just sensational food – it’s an experience for the senses.

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Our Specialties

Chicken Tikka Taco's

Soft flour tortilla with tandoori chicken pieces, tomatos salsa, masala beans, onion, cilantro, cheese, lettuce + soure cream


Deconstructed Samosa Chaat

Chrispy pastries with chickpea, masala yogurt and fresh coriander + green chutney & sweet tamarind sauce


Steamed rice dumpling made from rice flour & lentil.  



Chrispy flour tortilla stuffed with vegetables & roasted pistachio, served with red tamrind chutney & tomato salsa

Goan Prawns

Tiger prawn cooked in a Goan style aromatic flavours of curry leaves, southern spices and coconut milk.



Slow cooked chicken cubes , homemade pureed spiced tomatoes, ginger, rubbed fenugreek leaves finished with fresh cream.

Plain Dosa

A traditional South indian crispy rice crepe made with rice flour and lentil.



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